Learners are expected to: 

  • Be responsible for the school property loaned to them.
    • Do not write, highlight or draw in school textbooks.
    • Keep your books in your possession. Do not leave your book in a classroom or on a table.
    • Do not loan your book to anyone – not even your best friend!
    • Make sure you can see your books or backpack at all times.
    • Keep a book cover on your book. Free book covers are available in the library
  • Keep your book away from all liquids (e.g. rain, spilled drinks, and leaky water bottles). Wet books that develop mould cannot be used; learners will receive an obligation.
    • Keep books in a safe place at home, out of the reach of pets and small children.
    • Return textbooks in good condition on or before the last day of school.
    • Please remove any tape, labels or post-it note papers.
    • Return books to the school library as soon as possible when you know you will be transferring or moving.

All textbooks must be returned to the school library on or before the last day of school.

Learners must return the same book they checked out
. There is no credit given for turning in another learner’s book. Learners should wait to see that their book is checked in, and their record is CLEAR.

Books that have been lost, stolen, damaged, forgotten or misplaced will become an obligation on the learner’s library account until the book has been returned, payment has been made, or a replacement book has been provided.