Library Rules and Regulations

Library Hours

During regular class days 7:30 am – 3:30 pm – Monday to Thursday

7:30 am – 3:00 pm – Friday

Library Cards

Only learners with library cards will be granted library privileges.

Learners will be responsible for all library materials charged out in their name. Lending of cards is strictly prohibited; library privileges of owners of loaned card will be suspended. The loss of a card should be reported immediately to the Librarian a new one must be applied for. Replacement will be issued after a week from the date of application.


Reserve Books (Books in Demand)

These books may be borrowed for two hours and may be renewed for another hour unless other learners need them.

Circulation Books

These books may be borrowed for one week, renewable for another week, unless in demand. These may be checked out at 7:30am, lunch breaks and after 2:45pm and should be returned after a week. A fine of R1.00 for each day will be imposed on overdue circulation books.

No book may be charged out for home use a week before the final examination.

Reference Books, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, yearbooks and atlases cannot be taken out of the library. These books are marked R above the class number and are found in the Reference section. Magazines and newspapers are not to be taken out of the library also.

Lost Books

A lost book should be reported immediately to the librarian. It should be replaced by the same or later edition of the books and the corresponding fine must be paid from the time the book was reported lost up to the time it is replaced. If the book is irreplaceable, a 100 percent price of the book must be paid by the borrower.

Mutilated Books

Writing in books, tearing pages or any form of defacement is strictly prohibited. Any leaner who shall destroy any book or library material shall be recommended for suspension.

General Conduct

Violation of the following may result in confiscation of the Library card and therefore suspension of library privileges.

Silence should be observed at all times.

Eating or smoking inside the library is absolutely prohibited.

Learners should show courtesy at the counter.

Books and other materials may not be taken out from the library without permission from the librarian.

Learners should throw pieces of paper into the bin instead of scattering them on the table and the floor.

Return the seats to their proper places before leaving.

Newspapers should be returned to the librarian.

Leaners should not leave the books on the table after using them. They should be returned in the shelves where they are filed.

Any form of recreation is strictly prohibited (the library is a place for studying and research).




The Media Centre is equipped with computers for typing purposes.

The computers in the library are to be used only for educational benefit.

They are not for playing games.

A learner who wants to use the computer may request the Librarian or Library Monitor for his/her alloted time of 30 minutes. Time reservation is allowed.

If there are no other users, he/she may request for another time slot.

Printing of researched materials may be requested from the Librarian or Library Monitor with corresponding printing fees.

Care of Library Books

  • Wash hands before handling books
  • Do not leave books outside
  • Keep books away from water
  • Keep books away from babies and pets
  • Do not throw books
  • Turn pages one at a time
  • Use bookmark to “save” where you stop reading.  DO NOT FOLD OVER A CORNER OF A PAGE!
  • Do not draw or write in library books
  • Please return books on time
  • If a book is damaged, DO NOT REPAIR IT YOURSELF.  Tell the people in the library what is wrong and let them fix it.

       When Using the Library, Be Considerate of Others

  • Respect others using the Media Center
  • Walk quietly, Don’t run
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself so others can listen or work
  • Read silently
  • Talk with “inside voices”
  • Keep materials where they belong
  • Handle materials with care
  • Operate equipment properly