Dear Parents.

Kindly note that applications for Grade 8 – 2021 have closed.

No applications after the 14th of August 2020 will be accepted.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Applications are closed for Grade 8 – 2021.

  1. Is there absolutely no way, that they will be an extension for the applications for grade8 -2021, due to the pandemic we are going through, I was really not aware of the closing dates for applications.

      1. thank you Admin for swift response
        When is the best time to come to school
        Should I come now or before the closing of school

        Warm Regards

    1. Grade 9 spaces are not usually available they only become available if there are grade 9 learners who leave you can call the school on 031 465 4288 to find out if any spaces are available.

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