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Today we are going to look at population growth – Page 251.

What has happened to the population over time?

Studies show that world population has increased over the years especially after 1950. This means that the death rate decreased.

The rapid increase in population is called population explosion.


1. Increase in food security.
2. Improvement in health.
3. Improvement in medical research. 4. Improvement in education.
5. Improvement in living standards – due to industrialization people were employed and could buy more – the purchasing power increased.

Summarize each of the following headings in 5 lines each:

1. Food production and distribution.2. Improvement in public health.
3. Conquest of disease
3.1 nutrition
3.2 vaccination against disease.
3.3 public health practices.
3.4 New medicines.

Complete Act. 20.1 – pg 255-256

Demographics Transition Model:

Definition – it is a model that suggests that all countries pass through stages 1-5 depending on the changes encountered in the birth and death rate.

Purpose of the Demographic Transition Model :

1. It provides information on the death rate and birth rate – the changes can be studied.

2. One can plan to meet the changes associated with the growing population.

3. Study changes in the population growth rate.

4. One can formulate population policies based on the changes observed.

Copy – graph and stages 1-5 – pg 256-257.

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