by Mphati Mkhombe and Olwethu Mabaso

A debate is an act on stage, attempting to win over your audience and opponents and convincing them that the motion set before them is true.

A clash between Brettonwood debaters and Curro High debaters , at Westville Boys High, on Thursday, 31, January 2019, was proof of this. These teams of the Durban Coastal Debate League met for their first debate of the season to debate the motion : This House Would grant Artificial Intelligence citizenship. Side proposition, Brettonwood High School, began the debate with their opening speech whilst Curro’s first speaker rapidly opposed the motion, with strategic questions. The debate continued in high spirits as speakers from both sides came forward with their arguments for and against the motion. In the end side proposition’s third speaker summed up their points of the motion but Curro struck back with their well-argued views. The fate of the debate lay in the hands of the adjudicators who awarded the debate to Curro High. Brettonwood’s Senior Debate team worked well, as a unit, and should be praised for making it through the first debate of the season. BHS is sure to do well throughout the coming season.

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